2018 SBA Luncheon & General Membership Meeting

Join us as we honor small business success on the island of Hawai‘i!

This program will also include an enlightening “talk story” session featuring two young and successful business leaders, both Presidents and Chief Operating Officers of their respective companies, Jason Fujimoto of HPM Building Supply and Toby Taniguchi of KTA Super Stores.


President's Message | April 2018

At some point along the way, being happy for the rain turns into living with the continued rainfall and then suffering with the lousy weather, wondering when it will let up. So has gone the last few months starting sometime in mid-December (if memory serves). For most of us it is simple issues like staying dry, getting kids around and driving safely. For those in the tourist industry it is more of a problem. And for our colleagues in agriculture excess rain can be a very real production problem. But we do seem to be coming out of it – if bit by bit.