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Membership Benefits

Free Benefits

Referrals to fellow members FREE!
Discounts from participating Chamber merchants FREE!
Membership directory listing FREE!
Website directory listing (basic information) FREE!
Hawaii Business subscription FREE!
The Chamber Connection newsletter subscription FREE!
Local and state lobbying FREE!
U.S. Chamber information FREE!

Special Member Rates for Networking & Advertising

Membership directory $10
*Membership labels $50 + tax
*Non-member Political campaigns $200 + tax
*Non-member For Profit entities $175 + tax
*Non-member Non-profit Organizations $125 + tax
Business After Hours events $10
Luncheons, seminars, workshops Member rates
Information packets and maps Varies
Certificate of Origin $10
Advertising opportunities Member rates
Enhanced website listing (links, details) $150/year
Website & Newsletter advertising (Members only) Member rates