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Membership & Dues

The Board of Directors reviews and acts on membership applications at its monthly meeting.

Dues are determined by the number of full-time employees in your company, with part-timers counting as 1/2. (See the Dues Schedule Below.) Dues are not refundable.

HICC dues do not include lobbying expenses. HICC’s state and local lobbying activities are directed by the Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Contributions to the PAC are voluntary. We suggest an annual contribution of $20 made payable to HICC PAC. You may include your contribution with your annual membership dues.

Besides basic Chamber operations, your Dues support the community in various ways. Some recent examples are:

  • The annual ATHENA Award®, sponsored in part by HICC.
  • The annual U.S. Small Business Administration Awards. HICC facilitates the recognition of the Hawaii Island recipients.
  • The Hawai`i County Economic Outlook Forum sponsored in part by First Hawaiian Bank and HICC.
  • Forums on legislation affecting business and political debates.
  • Seminars on employment law and business practices.

Our Dues Schedule

Number of Individuals Dues Total Representatives Allowed
Individual Member (No Business Affiliation) $125 1
1 to 2 employees $175 2
3 to 6 employees $200 2
7 to 10 employees $225 3
11 to 15 employees $275 3
16 to 20 employees $325 4
21 to 25 employees $375 4
26 to 30 employees $425 4
31 or more employees $475 5

31 or more employees (Add $4 per employee over 31 to a maximum of $775)

Special Investors’ Levels

Topaz $1,000 10
Ruby $1,500 12
Sapphire $2,000 16
Diamond $3,000 18
Emerald $5,000 20
  • Each additional representative is $100 and cannot exceed the number of employees in a company.

Note: Your dues may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Your dues are not a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.