Purpose & Organization

Mission: The purpose of the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce is to assist businesses and promote Hawaii Island. We provide leadership via services and advocacy for the business community while promoting the economic well being of Hawaii Island as a whole.

We accomplish this by:

  • Initiating and maintaining programs of research, education and community.
  • Identifying the issues facing the business community and undertaking any action necessary to achieve satisfactory solutions.
  • Working with and coordinating activities of industry-related organizations to promote a stable and healthy economy.
  • Maintaining communication and rapport between the business community and those who make our laws or carry out the functions of government.
  • Advocating election or appointment to public office of those who possess a sympathetic understanding of the problems facing the business community and have the ability, knowledge and experience to make sound decisions.

The Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors governs the Chamber and the President of the Board serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. The office is administered by a paid office manager who reports to the President.

Office Staff
Miles Yoshioka, Executive Officer
Kristen Yagi, Part Time Administrative Assistant